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Unknown artist

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Travel by Air France for Comfort - original maquette (1930's)

Unknown artist

Hand painted in Gouache
48cm x 63cm
Grade: A-, Near Fine. Some wear in borders, two short (3cm) tears at bottom edge without loss, some surface creasing.
Original hand painted Air France poster from the late 1930's.

The plane in the poster is a Potez 62, which took its first flight in 1935 and was used by Air France from 1936. It was initially on domestic and short European flights including to the UK. The plane carreid 14-16 passengers.

The 'poster' is painted with gouache. It was possibly a maquette intended to be used for printing posters, or may have been created directly for advertising use. There is no record of it as a printed poster. 


Travel by Air France for Comfort - original maquette

Stock No: T4742