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Razzia (Gérard Courbouleix) (b. 1950)

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Louis Vuitton Classic China Run (Hand Signed) (1998)

Razzia (Gérard Courbouleix) (b. 1950)

Louis Vuitton
Offset printing
100cm x 135cm
Grade: A, Excellent. Linenbacked

Original large format event advertising poster issued by Louis Vuitton for vintage car rally from Dalian to Beijing, designed by French artist Razzia, 1998. Linenbacked.

This poster has been hand signed in black pen by the author to the bottom, left.



In this digital age, Razzia is one of the few poster artists who still employ the traditional art forms of painting and lithography on canvas in order to create poster images. As a contemporary commercial artist, he is at ease playing around with different modern art styles to create the desired image so as to capture the hopes and aspirations of his audience. Many of his posters are among the best designs of the 1990s in terms of visuals, branding and image creation. His clients include a list of high-end products and retailers such as Louis Vuitton, Monte Carlo Country Club, Paris Grand Prix, and various Champagnes, perfume, and beverage brands.




Louis Vuitton Classic China Run (Hand Signed)

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