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David Elliott

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Hong Kong In Living Colour (IX), Kwun Tong (2013)

David Elliott

Limited Edition of 30
Archival Pigment Print
90cm x 60cm
Limited Edition of 100
Archival Pigment Print
60cm x 40cm
Born in 1972 in Hope, British Columbia, David Elliott moved to Hong Kong in 2003, whilst travelling extensively for photographic shoots and film projects as a model and actor. Drawing from experiences in front of the camera, Elliott’s photography skills and knowledge further his interest in documentary fine art photography.

Elliott’s Hong Kong in Living Colour series transports us through a vivid palette of colours, whilst weaving our minds through pattern and structure. Seen throughout this series of Public Housing Estates and Industrial Buildings, Elliott’s vision of the old Hong Kong meshes seamlessly with his penchant for infusing culturally rich elements with a modern edge. Winding its way into the oldest districts of Hong Kong and Kowloon, the work showcases some of the region’s most unique building facades. The perspective is fresh and intriguing; Elliott’s multi-dimensional images spark our curiosity about the inhabitants of these communities. Scrambling up fire escape ladders, contorting through small windows and skirting bamboo scaffolding – this was all in a day’s work for an artist and craftsman intent on achieving the perfect frame.


Hong Kong In Living Colour (IX), Kwun Tong

Stock No: DE009L / DE009S