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Unknown photographer

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Hong Kong - SS President Wilson (Early 1960's)

Unknown photographer

Offset printing
59cm x 87cm
Early 1960's
Grade: A/A-, Fine. Not linenbacked. A little edge wear, but presents really well and colours are bright and fresh.

This poster was issued by American President Lines, which ran passenger and passenger-cargo combi services from the US West Coast to a variety of Asian ports including Yokohama, Manila, Bangkok, Singapore as well as Hong Kong.


Emphasising the nautical theme in this poster allows APL to show their ship steaming into Hong Kong past a Chinese sailing junk, juxtaposing not just East and West but also modernity and tradition. The President Wilson was in service from 1948 until 1973 and was one of the mainstays of APL’s trans-pacific passenger service.


Ref: Bailey  -  101 Hong Kong Travel Posters, p. 57



Hong Kong - SS President Wilson

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