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Far East - Fly there by B.O.A.C. (1957)

Unknown artist

Printed in Great Britain
63cm x 101cm
Grade: A, Fine. Linenbacked.

Striking 1950's poster from British Overseas Airways Corporation (B.O.A.C.) using typical East Asian imagery of rickshaws and coolies, then iconic symbols of many cities in the Far East, as well as Chinese lanterns, which together conveyed the exoticism of the Orient.


B.O.A.C. was the UK's national long haul carrier and a major European airline flying into Hong Kong, Tokyo and other major East Asian cities in the 1950's.


This is the larger, and scarcer, format version of this poster, which was also issued at 50cm x 75cm format.


Ref:  Bailey - 101 Hong Kong Travel Posters, p13





Far East - Fly there by B.O.A.C.

Stock No: T4155