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Fastest to the Orient - Canadian Pacific "Empresses"

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Fastest to the Orient - Canadian Pacific "Empresses" (circa 1920)

James C. McKell (1884-1956)

Printed in the U.S.A.
Offset Lithograph
61cm x 92cm
circa 1920
Grade: A-/B+, Very Good. Linenbacked. A few restored edge tears and a little rubbing to the black area at the bottom of the poster. But presents beautifully and colours are bright and striking.

James McKell was an American illustrator and artist best known for his illustrations in Saturday Evening Post as well as many other magazines. He designed posters for Bermuda Steamship Line in 1921 and also designed this poster for Canadian Pacific around the same time.


The images shows one of the Canadian Pacific ships in port in China being greeted by an assembly of Chinese and Westerners. Two of the Chinese coolies at the centre of the image have their hair in the Qing dynasty queue style.


The Canadian Pacific fleet of Empress ships all carried yellow painted funnels.


This is a Very Scarce poster and highly desireable.