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Air France, Amérique du Sud

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Air France, Amérique du Sud (1946)

Victor Vasarely (1906-1997)

Perceval, Paris
62cm x 98cm
Grade: A/A-, Fine. Linenbacked

Original vintage poster issued by Air France in 1946 to promote the airline's services to South America. It offers a wonderfully stylised view of a Lockheed Constellation flying low over the sea towards a vast yellow moon, below which are the lights of Rio de Janeiro and the Sugarloaf Mountain.


Hungarian-French artist, Victor Vasarely was regarded as the leader of the Op Art (or Optical Art) movement in Europe from the 1940's. He designed few commercial posters and this is the only poster he produced for Air France.

This is the scarce full sheet version of this poster, which was also issued as a quarter sheet in 1948.


Ref:  Peignot - Air France Affiches, p96