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Air France - Rome

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Air France - Rome (1949)


Printed by Perceval, Paris
Stone Lithograph
62cm x 100cm
Grade:B+, Very Good. Linenbacked. Restored tears, 5cm to left side, 11cm to right side, horizontal fold 12cm from top where poster previously folded back. Presents well following restoration.

One of the first post-war posters issued by Air France for the airline's route to Rome.


This poster includes famous tourist images of Rome, including the Collosium, Forum, St Peter's and the River Tiber, surrounding a large image of the famous bronze statue of St. Peter at the Basilica which is an important place of pilgrimage. The poster emphasises the importance of Rome for Catholic visitors and in the immediate post-war period this would have been a major selling point to encourage French tourists and pilgrims to make the journey to Rome.