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Plimsoll (2008)

Kees Metselaar

Limited edition of 30
Archival Pigment Print
24" x 16"
Kees Metselaar

Dutch photojournalist, Kees Metselaar, has been based in Hong Kong since 1989. He has reported on many major news stories including the fall of President Marcos in the Philippines, President Suharto in Indonesia, famine in Sudan, the 1991 cyclone in Bangladesh and the mujahedin in Afghanistan. His work has been published widely by the world’s leading media including the New York Times, Paris Match, Le Figaro, and Newsweek.


Closer to his adopted home, Kees has photographed the final months of Kai Tak airport, the threatened markets and traditional lifestyles in Central and Western Districts and shot a “week in the life of a supertanker” in dry dock in Shenzhen.