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Nanking Yangtze Bridge

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Nanking Yangtze Bridge (c1969)

30" x 42"
People's Republic of China

Vintage original Chinese Propaganda poster. Circa 1969.

This poster promotes the documentary film  of the 'Nanking Yangtze Bridge '. It was one of the most prestigious and most publicized constructions in China when it was opened on December 23, 1968. Construction started in 1960, with help from Soviet engineers. After the Sino-Soviet split, the Russians left - taking the plans with them, alledgedly - and work halted. Then came years of economic difficulties, in the aftermath of the Great Leap Forward.

During the Cultural Revolution, construction of the bridge became a showcase for China's independence and for the 'innate genius of the people', as propagated by Mao. According to propaganda, ordinary workers took over from the engineers who were making all kinds of difficulties, and designed the bridge themselves, guided solely by Mao Zedong Thought.


Quotation of Mao: "On what basis should our policy rest? It should rest on our own strength, and that means regeneration through one's own efforts."