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Antelope IV

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Antelope IV (June, 1997)

George Moy

Limited edition of 25
Photograph on metallic paper
24" x 16"

Antelope Slot Canyon, Arizona, USA.

All photographs are also available in a larger format in a seperate edition of 25. Please contact us to order the larger size prints.

George Moy

George Moy is an award winning photographer who has been exhibiting his work since the early 1970’s. Based in Massachusetts, he has travelled and photographed extensively throughout North America and China. George has exhibited his work at galleries in Boston and various venues in China, most recently in 2011 at Taishan and Kaiping in Guangdong province.


Moy has won numerous awards over the past 40 years, including from the Boston Camera Club, Photograph Society of Taiwan, International Camera Club’s Photograph Competition and Ritz Camera. In 2006 he published his first book, George Moy – A Photo Album, a selection of his work from the 1960’s onwards.