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FORMULE 1 - Hand SIGNED by the Artist


FORMULE 1 - Hand SIGNED by the Artist (1988)

Pierre Fix-Masseau (1905-1994)

L'Affiche Europeenne, Vitry sur Seine, France
65cm x 98cm
Grade A/A-, Near Fine. Linenbacked.

Pierre Fix-Masseau is remembered as one of the great French Art Deco poster designers of the 1930's, producing many posters for clients including train operators and car manufacturers. In the early 1980's he was encouraged out of retirement to produce a series of posters for the then newly relaunched Orient Express train and later designed several posters harping back to his 1930's automobile posters including this one of three racing cars on the waterfront at Monte Carlo.


This poster is particularly special as it has been hand signed and inscribed by the artist in pencil in the bottom border: "Très Amicalement FIX-MASSEAU".