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Supporting Hong Kong's Comrades

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Supporting Hong Kong's Comrades (1967)

21" x 30.5"
Printed in Guangdong, China
A-. Linenbacked. Originally folded.



Vintage Chinese propaganda poster. Printed in Guangdong, China, 1967.

The poster illustrates the support for Hong Kong Leftist riots against British colonial rule in 1967. Demonstrators clashed violently with the Hong Kong Police Force. Instigated by events in the People's Republic of China (PRC), leftists called for massive strikes and organised demonstrations, while the police stormed many of the leftists' strongholds and placed their active leaders under arrest. These riots became still more violent when the leftists resorted to terrorist attacks, planting fake and real bombs in the city and murdering some members of the press who voiced their opposition to the violence.