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The Golden Age of Travel 27 February - 9 March, 2014
Opening Cocktail Party Thursday, 27th February, 6-9pm
Hong Kong’s one and only specialist vintage poster gallery, Picture This, is pleased to present “The Golden Age of Travel”. This exhibition for sale is a celebration of scarce, important and beautiful travel posters promoting destinations worldwide dating from 1930s - 1980s.

Exposition Coloniale Marseille 1...
Leonetto Cappiello

Hong Kong - A Sporting Paradise
Frederich Schiff

Bibby Line - Marseille...Burma
James S. Mann

Dilip Kumar das Gupta

Discover Australia
Eileen Mayo

Lloyd Triestino - Australia
S. Patrone

Messageries Maritimes - Peking

Visit Singapore - The Heart of S...

Air France - Orient . Extrême O...
Lucien Boucher

Air France - Extrême Orient
G. Dumas

Air France - Réseau Aérien Mon...
Lucien Boucher

Sur les Ailes d'Air France
Lucien Boucher

Visit India - Kashmir

Air France - Orient . Extrême O...
Lucien Boucher

Air France - Extrême Orient
Vincent Guerra

G.S. Fernando

Transatlantique 1855-1955
Paul Colin

Air France - Far East
Guy Georget

TWA Egypt
David Klein

Air France - Amerique du Nord
Jacques Nathan-Garamond

B.O.A.C. - Fly to the Orient

L'Extreme Orient Voyagez Par B.O...
G.J. Gatsworthy

B.O.A.C. - Fly to Africa & The M...

Air India International - India ...

Air France - Inde (India)
Bernard Villemot

Saigon - Vietnam National Touris...

SNCF L'Aquitaine

Cosmopolitan Singapore

Fly TWA Ireland
S. Greco

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Amste...

Tasmania - Mount Wellington and ...
Harry Kelly

Map of Sri Lanka Showing Places ...

L'Indochine Française - Tonkin ...

A Cartograph of the Philippine I...
Ruth Taylor White

Map of Taiwan Sceneries and Prod...

Republic of Indonesia - Pictoria...
S. T. M. Young

Air France - Hong Kong

American President Lines - Hong ...

HKTA Hong Kong (Pagoda)
David Lam

Fly Pan Am to Hong Kong (Junk in...

HKTA Hong Kong (Flats)
David Lam

HKTA Hong Kong (Bus)
David Lam

Northwest Orient - Hong Kong