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The Golden Age of Travel 7 - 23 October, 2010
Opening Reception and Cocktail on Thursday 7th October from 6pm to 9pm The exhibition continues until Saturday 23th October Venue: Picture This Gallery, 13th Floor, 9 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong Hours: Gallery opening hours are Monday to Saturday 11am to 6pm
An exhibition for sale of original vintage travel posters and pictorial maps from 1900 to 1970, including for Hong Kong & China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, India and Sri Lanka. From further afield the exhibition includes posters for New Zealand, Australia, England, France, Italy and Denmark.

Route des Pyrenees
Roger Soubie

Chemin de Fer de L'Est - Venise
Friedrich Hugo D'Alesi

Avranches - Baie du Mont St Michel
A. Bergevin

Chemin de Fer de Paris Orleans -...
Pierre Commarmond

Uriage les Bains
Gaston Gorde

Chemin de Fer d'Orleans et du Mi...
Charles-Jean Hallo "Alo"

Air France- Paris
Regis Manset

Odense Denmark - Hans Christian ...
Viggo Vagnby

Norfolk Broads - British Railways
Frank Mason

Biarritz France - Côte Basque

Vichy - France
Lefor Openo

St. Moritz
Martin Peikert

L'Extreme Orient par les Message...
Andre Herviault

Nordeutscher Lloyd Bremen - Pass...
Fritz Schoppe

L'Indochine Française - Tonkin ...

Engagez-vous dans la Marine
Andre Galland

Air France Extreme-Orient
Guy Georget

Messageries Maritimes India Ceyl...
Yves des Gachons

HAPAG World Tour
Hein Kaske

Messageries Maritimes Ocean Indi...
Albert Brenet

Air France, Proche Orient
Jean Even

Bangkok - Air India

Vietnam - TAI
Bernard Villemot

Indian State Railways - Howrah B...
W.S. Bylityllis

B.O.A.C. Ceylon
Aldo Cosomati

CKL Samarasinha

Taj Mahal - India

The Remarkables, Lake Wakatipu -...

Australia - Sail Matson
L. Macouillard

KLM Australia

Air France, Amerique du Nord
Jean Colin

Far East - B.O.A.C.

Jet BOAC to Hong Kong
A. Fujita

Crown China Bristles - Schoenenb...

Japan - Japan Air Lines
J. Murakoshi

KLM Tokyo
Koen van Os

Japanese Railways - Le Japon

Extreme Orient par Les Messageri...
J. Bouchaud

Japan - Northwest Airlines

Air France - Europe-Orient. Extr...
Raymond Bret Koch

Japan - Scandinavian Airways Sys...

Air France Planisphere - Nova et...
Lucien Boucher

Air France Planisphere Septentrion
Lucien Boucher

Air France Planisphere Reseau Ae...
J. Collinet

A Cartograph of the Major Philip...
Ruth Taylor White

New York City - Three-dimensiona...
Herman Bollmann

Jet B.O.A.C. to Historic Britain