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An Ethereal World - Journeys to the Edges of Asia
Matthieu Paley

18 May - 21 June, 2010

This exhibition will open with a cocktail reception on Tuesday 18th May, 6-9pm. The photographer will attend the event.
Living in Hong Kong since 2002, but spending much of his time in the most remote and often highest altitude corners of Asia, Matthieu Paley is an intrepid explorer and award winning photographer. This exhibition comprises 17 photographs taken since 1999 in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Siberia, shot with a mix of medium format and 35mm film. Paley’s work is not easily or simply acquired. Most of these photographs are taken in the depths of winter when the environment is at its most harsh and inhospitable and temperatures drop to -30°c, providing the best light and working conditions for Paley’s ethereal and inspiring photographs. Paley’s work has been exhibited at galleries in France, New York and Munich as well as at the Perpignan Photojournalism Festival, Visa Pour L’image and the Banff Mountain Festival, where he won the 2009 Mountain Culture Photography Competition.
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