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Ron Yue

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Prismatic Spring 2 (2015)

Ron Yue

Limited edition of 50
Archival Pigment Print
90cm x 60cm
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Continually inspired by natural landscapes,  Ron traveled to Yellowstone National Park in the US to photograph the intense colours of its extensive geothermal features for this new series of work.

Thermophiles, which live in the water and the run offs, produce vivid colours and variations in colour are due to differences in temperatures within the spring.  Many of the distinct colour patterns change as a result of periodic seismic disturbances creating an ever changing and dynamic environment. 

Ron Yue

Originally from Canada, Ron Yue has spent much of the past decade travelling extensively throughout Asia for his commercial photography assignments, fine art projects and elite photography tours and courses. He has photographed for National Geographic Channel in Asia, been featured by CCTV in China, and is a guest lecturer at the Nikon School of Photography in Taiwan.


Yue has photographed in locations ranging from the Tibetan plateau to the jungles of South-east Asia and from the torrid heat of Death Valley to the frozen tundra of Alaska. His work draws on the spectacular and inspiring places he visits and demonstrates a masterly understanding of the importance of light in photography.



Prismatic Spring 2

Stock No: RYU252