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Matthieu Paley

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Qyzyl Qorum Afghanistan (2008)

Matthieu Paley

Limited edition of 50
Archival Pigment Print
48 x 36 cm

High in the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan, a remnant group of less than 1000 Kyrgyz dwell in one of the remotest and most inhospitable environments occupied by people. 


These two young men are sons of the Khan, a tribal chieftain. They are standing with their backs to the “Bad-e Wakhan”, the infamous winter wind which blows through in the High Pamir.  Their painted nails indicate they have recently attended a wedding party.


Matthieu Paley

Matthieu Paley was born in France, spent three years studying photography in New York and has led a peripatetic life for much of the past twelve years in the highest and remotest regions of Asia. He is regarded as possibly the finest young explorer-photographer working today in Asia, and since 2012 has worked on several major National Geographic assignments


Paley’s photographs are awe-inspiring. His work is not easily acquired and few people ever visit the regions which he has made his second home. Frequently, he visits these beautiful but inhospitable regions in the depths of winter when temperatures drop to -30°c. For Paley this provides the best light and working conditions to shoot his ethereal and awe inspiring photographs.



Qyzyl Qorum Afghanistan

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